For quite a few years now we have been manufacturing and supplying labels to stick to tote bins for the ever increasing automated warehouses and logistics hubs across Europe.

Historically the plastic tote bins in which the products are carried around the warehouses (due to their manufacturing process) are notoriously difficult to have labels stuck to them and stay stuck to them. We have a product which addresses this problem and has worked well for many years.
This takes away the worry of the labels falling off the tote bin and the scanners not being able to read the tote bin as it passes by which means distribution would be halted and despatch would be slowed down. The labels are made from the highest quality polyester and we can provide these labels as standard printed and die cut labels or with an over laminate for added protection.
We can also supply the label rolls with a leader and trailer so running through your automatic applicators is easier. So if you have a need for a label for your automated warehouse or have a difficult surface to stick to then please get in touch and we may be able to help.

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